Red Jasper Silver Wire Wrap Pendant

Red Jasper Silver Wire Wrap Pendant

Earth Beauty Jewelry 122

The Red Jasper Silver Wire Wrap Pendant is perfectly framed. Now imagine the look on the perfectly framed face of your intended when she opens this gift.

All my jewelry is handmade, charged by the sun, and infused with my own unique blend of loving, healing intent.

Jasper - Jasper helps with stress relieve, problem-solving, releasing worries and providing calmness. It assists to resolve connecting with negative energies; supports endurance and strength. It helps with grounding your energies.
The stone connects with the 1st Chakra - feeling grounded, safe, and secure; and the 2nd Chakra - how and what we feel.

Materials: Red Jasper Cabochon, silver wire. The pendant is approximately 1 1/4"L x 1"W.

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     Arvada, Colorado


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