Jewelry Made With You In Mind

I'm Jasmin, designer, and owner of

Earth Beauty Jewelry

Can an odd-shaped crystal really be made into a piece of jewelry or part of a Matrix?

One of my clients wanted an odd-shaped crystal wrapped in a certain way so that she could use it in a crystal matrix and told me that she enjoyed working with me and loved the wrap. 

  • Does jewelry help you express your beauty?
  • Are you someone who is interested in knowing the stone's energy?
  • Do you want to wear jewelry that helps you show your spirit?
  • Do you love to wear jewelry that has earthy elements?
  • Does jewelry inspire you?
  • Does jewelry hold a deeper meaning or sentimental value for you? 

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you are in the right place. I LOVE to design jewelry for "spirits" like you...

...the inspiring kinds

...the inquiring, curious minds

...the quality over quantity people who wear jewelry because of its beauty, energy, and inspiration (rather than a fad).

I design energetic, vibrant, and inspiring jewelry for gals as beautiful as you are. 

My love for jewelry started early when I noticed that my mom would not leave home without putting on a necklace, watch and ring first. I thought that she looked really pretty. 

Mom always encouraged us to be creative. So, when my nursing job was becoming very intense and stressful, I looked for ways to release all the pressure and remembered how much I enjoyed being creative. I tried a variety of classes and fell in love with making wire-wrap jewelry. I was encouraged by the positive effect it had on my life. Eventually, I decided to retire from nursing due to health reasons and branch out into pursuing my passion full-time.

The inspiration for my creations comes through intuitively. The colors, textures, and energies of the stones and crystals I work with guide me to make energetic, vibrant, and inspiring jewelry that evoke a range of positive moods and emotions to help women celebrate their beauty, strength, and spirit. 

All my jewelry is handmade, infused with loving intent, and charged by the sun. Knowing the essential meaning of the stones I use is very important to me and that is why I love to share them with my customers.  

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