Peridot Sparkle Heart Drop Necklace

Peridot Sparkle Heart Drop Necklace

Earth Beauty Jewelry 1187

This Peridot Sparkle Heart Drop Necklace is just a little love. How nice that love can be worn around your neck. Enjoy yourself. Or a present for another.

All my jewelry is handmade, charged by the sun, and infused with my own unique blend of loving, healing intent

Peridot – This green stone has strong cleansing properties. It supports listening to your intuition; abundance; kindness; comfort and happiness. Peridot is associated with the 3rd Chakra - Joy and Willpower; and the 4th Chakra - is connected with caring, compassion, love, and empathy. Astrological Signs: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius.

Materials: Peridot, crystal heart, silver-plated eye pins and connectors, chain, lobster clasp, jump rings. Approx. 17 inches long.

Only one available.


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