Agate Carnelian Bracelet

Agate Carnelian Bracelet

Earth Beauty Jewelry 846

This is absolutely a fun piece to wear. This Agate Carnelian Bracelet is just the best accessory when one bracelet will do. Perfect present.

All my jewelry is handmade, charged by the sun, and infused with my own unique blend of loving, healing intent.

Red Agate Agate, in general, has grounding, calming and balancing energies. It assists with feeling okay with being yourself. Agate helps with stimulating your latent talents and abilities. It supports greater focusing ability. The color Red is associated with the 1st Chakra and feeling grounded, safe, and secure.

Carnelian – This orange-variety of chalcedony known as Carnelian is a great cleansing stone. It has grounding, calming, motivational, and stabilizing properties. The stone can inspire artistry, ingenuity, and talent. It is a great safeguarding stone. It supports courage. The color Orange associates with the 2nd Chakra – creativity and manifestation.

Materials: Red Agate beads, Carnelian beads, wire, toggle clasp, crimp beads, silver-plated spacer beads. Approximately 7.5" long.

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