Talk About Overwhelm

September 15, 2022

Talk About Overwhelm

My friend Patty, a fellow jewelry designer, asked me one day if I wanted to go to the gem show with her. Well, I’m open to trying many things at least once, and when it includes stones, crystals, and shiny objects, count me in.

Little did I know. Do you have a passion for something and have you gone to a tradeshow  for that? Well, then you understand.

They are overwhelming. Sensory overload. Colors are everywhere, everything sparkles, people and more people, and everyone is talking. Rows and rows of tables with every stone, bead, wire, and metal imaginable. Thousands and thousands of strands of beautiful beads. It took my breath away.

I’ve been to metaphysical shows where they have booths with crystals, art, essential oils, clothes, and much more. But this was those shows on steroids. You did not know where to look first. So, the best thing I could do was stay close to my friend Patty.

Before she arrived at the show, she already knew what she was looking for. Over the years she had also developed a relationship with some of the vendors. She went to see them first and checked if they had what she was looking for. Once she checked with her usual suppliers, we walked through the rest of the hall and found some extra pieces.

Afterward, we stopped at a Village Inn for some coffee and food and looked at our selection of “goodies.”

I had decided on an Amethyst and a green Aventurine cabochon to make some wire wrap pendants.

If you have a cabochon that needs wrapping, I’d love to collaborate with you on a beautiful design. You can also check out my collections.