Rose Quartz Everybody's Favorite

September 04, 2022

Rose Quartz Everybody's Favorite

Rose Quartz Everybody’s Favorite


Ask anybody and they will tell you that Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for love, self-love, and harmony. Of course, it is one of my favorite stones personally, and to design jewelry.

Rose Quartz supports unconditional love and infinite peace; harmony, self-love; kindness; relief of stress. It is an important crystal for the heart chakra, teaching the true essence of love. Rose quartz is a peaceful, calming stone. It connects with the 4th Chakra - Love, Self-Love, Compassion, connecting our mind and body through the heart with love.

It pairs very well with other stones. Rose Quartz is abundantly available and a good stone to start out with for any novice who wants to work with crystals. It is one of the 10 must-have stones I recommend to have in your collection.

Astrological Signs: Libra.

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