New Name Same Vibrant Energetic Jewelry

August 03, 2022

New Name Same Vibrant Energetic Jewelry

Hello Ladies and Gents,

You know me as Soul Mission Jewelry and have probably noted the name and logo change. Why?

Naming a business is a process and at the time that I chose Soul Mission Jewelry it felt to be the right choice; however, recently I felt a strong urge to have the business name reflect more of what is important to me.

I still love to design and create jewelry. I also realized that the materials I use are connected to Earth and represent its beauty. I've been working with semi-precious stones because of their vibrant colors, energies, and the inspiration I feel from them, and how they evoke positive moods and emotions. Using the stones and crystals helps my customers express their beauty, strength, and spirit.

After thinking about this I realized that Earth Beauty Jewelry is a better fit for the jewelry I create and the customers I work with.

Thank you for supporting and understanding this new expression of our journey.


Jasmin Thummler-Erdman

Earth Beauty Jewelry