Peridot Magnesite Necklace

Peridot Magnesite Necklace

Earth Beauty Jewelry 991

Moods are mercurial. For your mood enjoyment, add this Peridot Magnesite Necklace. A mood is a sad thing to waste. Dress her up or down, and enjoy.

All my jewelry is handmade, charged by the sun, and infused with my own unique blend of loving, healing intent. Please contact me if you wish to infuse the jewelry with a customized affirmation or prayer per request/issue.

Peridot – This green stone has strong cleansing properties. It supports listening to your intuition; abundance; kindness; comfort and happiness. Peridot is associated with the 3rd Chakra - Joy and Willpower; and the 4th Chakra - is connected with caring, compassion, love, and empathy.

Magnesite – Is often used to stabilize Turquoise. Magnesite supports reflection and perception. It assists with self-love. It is associated with the 6th Chakra - honoring your intuition; 7th Chakra - how we connect spiritually.

Materials: Magnesite pendant, glue-on bail, Peridot beads, bicone beads, wire, silver-plated spacer beads, Hook clasp. Approximately 19.25" long.

Only one available.



Arvada, CO

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