Iolite Kyanite Drop Earrings

Iolite Kyanite Drop Earrings

Earth Beauty Jewelry 1157

These Iolite Kyanite Drop Earrings not only look nice but are also an energetic powerhouse. Add them to your collection.

All my jewelry is handmade, charged by the sun, and infused with my own unique blend of loving, healing intent. Please contact me if you wish to infuse the jewelry with a customized affirmation or prayer per request/issue.

Iolite – helps with managing finances, easing the process of change, becoming more responsible. Balances ying/yang, aura, It assists with being in the present moment. It relates to the 6th Chakra/Third eye – intuition. Astrological signs: Libra, Taurus, and Sagittarius.

Kyanite – Is helpful in adjusting and calibrating your Chakras. It assists with reflection through deep thought. This color Blue is associated with the 5th Chakra and communication. Kyanite does not retain negative energies and thus does not necessitate cleaning. Astrological Signs: Aries, Taurus, Libra.

Materials: Iolite, kyanite, sterling silver eye pins and ear hooks. Approx. 2.25 inches long. Only one available.



Arvada, Colorado 80003


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